our values
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our values


Education as an aid to life and a path to social peace.


Weave an educational community with competences to guide the development of healthy, happy people, with a complete knowledge of themselves and the environment they inhabit, autonomous, respectful, disciplined, creative and committed.


The project is based on a series of values that give body and soul to the hope of a better and continuously changing society.

Values of Montessori Lleida

Montessori pedagogy

At the heart of our project is Montessori pedagogy, a pedagogical and scientific method with more than 100 years of experience and spread worldwide..


It is based on respect for the natural laws of human development and trust in childhood as a builder of their own learning through experiences lived in the environment.


Our pedagogical proposal is rooted in a tandem between freedom and limits, love and respect.


Montessori educators or guides have rigorous training that enables us to understand the brain functioning of the child and the stages of development. Our work is focused on observing each child in detail to be able to accompany them with great care in their needs and interests so that they can unfold their full potential.


We work with ethical values of moral integrity, coherence, fair competence and respect for people and the community.

Learning community

Our space is an open space where the children’s learning process, in addition to being accompanied by Montessori guides, is influenced by the community in which they are immersed and, therefore, by all the people who directly or indirectly have a relationship with children: families, the neighborhood, other associated entities, professionals in the education sector, volunteers, etc.

Social commitment

We are committed to the principles of justice and social equality for people, so we take direct actions in our community, we want to give equal opportunities to people interested in the project and contribute socially with the associations and entities in our environment.


The project is self-managed by all team members, promoting relationships of horizontality and versatility according to the needs of each moment.

Pikler pedagogy

Pikler pedagogy is one of our pillars through which we respect the free motor skills of the child. The guides that make up the team are certified by Pikler Loczy Budapest and we believe that the integration of mind and body in the training process and in the construction of people’s identity is of vital importance.

Commitment to the environment and to nature

Nature is our world. That is why we want to bring it closer to our children and encourage them to have fluid contact with it in order to develop sensitivity towards their care and conservation and respect for living beings and our geology.


Our project is also based on the responsible consumption of resources, we have systems for reducing and using basic consumption, we care about generating zero waste, we use recycled and ecofriendly raw material materials and we carry out recycling and reuse of our generated waste.


Our location in the heart of the city aims to encourage children and their families to practice body movement and / or the use of public transport.


We trust in the human being in a full way, without judgments. We place absolute trust in children and empathize with families and the hard work of upbringing. We also have faith in the skills and attitudes of our work team and the delicately selected collaborating staff.


We are convinced that every drop counts in the education sector to create a transformation and change towards a better, healthier, happier and more peaceful society.

Respect for culture

We defend the diverse cultures that surround us and we want to share with children the traditions inherent in the culture, both of our land and that of the people who live in our community.

Positive Discipline

Positive discipline is the other pillar on which we base ourselves and are certified by the American Association of Positive Discipline. The individual continually seeks to be part of their social environment and be treated in a way that can feel important and can contribute. We focus so that this need is permanently covered.

Healthy food

We offer children natural, local, farmer and seasonal foods and advise families on the importance of food in the intellectual and motor process and how to put it into practice.


The child is continuously in contact with fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy foods with which he will develop part of his pedagogical work at the center.

Emotional support

Emotions make us human and that is why we provide global support in emotional management. We do this exhaustively in real situations throughout the learning process, both for the child and their family.


Our project is based on Catalan, Spanish and Englush as vehicular languages of both verbal and emotional messages. As it is a local project, we are committed to the importance of a good verbal achievement and reading and writer of expression of emotions and ideas in the language of the territory


At the same time, we also respect the languages and dialects of our learning community and want to welcome them with our hearts.


Maria Montessori said that “Our children do not do what they want, but want what they do”, that is our essence: absolute love for the child and for education as an aid for life. We love our work and transfer these values to our children and families as a philosophy of life.