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Montessori Lleida is an educational project with a social commitment to change and improvement at the local level, in the city of Lleida, faithfully based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy. It is also based on the pedagogical values Pikler and Positive Discipline.

It is born from, for and for children and their families, with the conviction that everyone can and must row in the same direction and together. For this reason, it is a space that provides support and continuity to the child’s environment within the family.

The importance of the beginning of life and the impact that training has in the first 6 years on the personality of the human being, is our backbone.

We are at the service of children from 6 months to 6 years of age and also families with babies.
This proposal arises from a deep look, respect, full trust and unconditional love for boys and girls. We understand childhood as a powerful agent of social change and builder of a society for peace.

Our goal is that children can unfold their full potential as autonomous, competent, capable and free people.
We want to accompany the child in an integral way in his learning, so that he adapts to the reality of his culture and tradition, where he can find relationships and utilities, in short, educating for real life.

The idea was born in 2014 in a small place in the Cappont district of Lleida where under Mamilatte she advises, trains, forms and accompanies families, children and centers in the Montessori principles. In two years, our services acquire great magnitude and also expand outside the territory: in Catalonia, Aragon and other places in the Spanish state.

After 6 years of experience, we rethink our essence to provide the Lleida community with the first 100% Montessori educational center, a quality project, responsible and responsive to the city, to the neighborhood, to families and to girls and boys.

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